The OneBus Service

OneBus is a passenger transport service, provided by OneBus Limited, for educational charities that run schools within the Focus Group of schools. The service is provided in the United Kingdom to transport students to and from those schools on journeys and at times requested by the schools. The service is also provided for authorised educational trips. The service is operated to strict standards that comply with the relevant legislation and regulations.

To provide the service OneBus operates a fleet of small buses complete with drivers and deploys the following personnel:

Fleet Manager, at OneBus Limited
Responsible overall to control and manage the transport service to the satisfaction of the schools. Day by day management of each bus is exercised via an Online Tracking System.

Transport Managers, one for each school
Responsible to OneBus Limited to ensure that each school’s requirements from the service are accurately conveyed and that local personnel who carry out the service do so as directed by OneBus Limited.

Bus Coordinators, one for each bus
Responsible to the school Transport Manager for the day to day operation of the buses and their maintenance to recognised safety standards.

Suitably qualified volunteers and employed personnel who are supplied by OneBus Limited with the buses to carry out the service, reporting to the Bus Coordinators.

Bus Monitors
Passengers who are responsible to the drivers for maintaining suitable behaviour during journeys.

OneBus does not accept responsibility for privately owned vehicles or their drivers when used for authorised school journeys; nor does it necessarily permit the use of a bus for any purpose other than that set out in the first paragraph above. Insurance cover is limited to UK only.